Netaji Lives On

Demand Declassification. End Secrecy.

On 18th August 1945, a man disappeared after shaking the foundation of the British Empire..

  "It appears to be the last desperate measure against someone who had thrown the Empire in complete panic." Eunan O'Halpin, Irish Historian, on Britain's decision to assassinate Netaji in 1941. 

"Which Government keeps secret files on a national icon it says died 67 years ago? Where in the world the findings of a Supreme Court judge are trashed with one-liners? Netaji mystery is much more than what you'd ever know. Let's settle it for once and all. Let posterity not lament that we did not rise to the occasion. Let's raise demands for declassification of official files."

There is a case for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose that no Indian can ignore. Six decades and many inquiries later, India still has no epitaph for the man who almost brought freedom to its doorstep in 1945. All because one question remains unanswered: Did Netaji die in an air crash on August 18, 1945?

Needless to say, dark secrets may spill out in this search for truth. It is history's mandate and history will call to account even those leaders it had declared as men of character... If in so doing, the man on the pedestal falls or an icon breaks, God help us Indians!

  " Tum Mujhe Khoon Do..Mein Tumhe Azadi Dunga" -Netaji Subash Chandra Bose 

  He remained true to His words. He gave us our Freedom. But did we ever turn back and think what happened to our great Hero?? 

  The Japanese respected him for his courage..

The Germans held him in high esteem for the endless love he had for his Motherland..

The British and The Allies feared him the most for his daredevil acts..

The Indian leaders envied him, for he was the uncrowned leader of free India.. 


              But none could imagine that a man, who had the capacity to free India and propel her into a new era, could all of a sudden die in an air crash in 1945. 1945...a year that changed the destiny of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, a year that changed the destiny of a nation and millions of her people, long suppressed by foreign oppression. But did he really breathe his last in 1945??? Welcome to the biggest coverup in Indian history..